The Brand
 She by Sophie prides itself on providing garments that are unique, and timeless season after season. All designs are hand-made to order and exceptionally finished with love and passion using premium fabrics in our UK based studio. 
I left university in 2011 with no idea no plan just knowing I had always been a free sprit and that I had just completed my dream course, fashion design
 I had always struggled with finding clothing to fit myself so I decided to start using the knowledge I had learnt from pattern cutting to make myself some dresses for going out in. 
I popped some pictures on Facebook to show my friends, a few months later this became my full time job I was very disorganised but I learnt as I went on, it was trial and error, it was never intended to be a business I didn’t even have a business plan but I found a way.
 I knew something had to change so 6 months later I invested in our first work base and we had two members of staff to help out, one being my sister. I made many mistakes here the first one being having a very large workspace which needed a lot of love, costing me a lot of money, but it was all a part of the journey and I continue to make mistakes everyday but I take every mistake as a positive and always grow from it. 
Our customer
I always found that the customer speaks through requests and feedback and I noticed it was very important to our customer to have clothing that fits in all areas, so many of us struggle, its more common than we think. So coming to us we would always hear words of relief so this became our 'unique selling point’ 9 years later, thousands of outfits later and armed with a lot more knowledge but forever learning & growing, here we are.
We still continue with our unique selling point USP making clothing to the clients specifications, whether you are petite, curvy, tall or expecting we can always tailor our garments to suit every shape.
 I personally love sourcing new and unique fabrics and pride myself on using only the most impressive fabrics, colours and prints and providing the best fits that aren’t throw away fast fashion. 
Our Aim 
We have big plans this year, we have learnt a lot particularly in the last two years, our focus is to try to improve constantly and to work from the feedback we receive daily.
I cannot wait to share our new collections with you we will definitely be going back to our roots this year and creating some vibrant, unique limited pieces that will be a part of your staple wardrobe.
We are working on creating as little waste as possible as waste only ends up in landfill and we are always working on bringing the most sustainable signature pieces that you won’t want to wear once, ones that you will want to keep in your wardrobe as they have been made especially for yourself, by us for you.